The Honorable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica Visits the Caribbean Association China in Shanghai

The prime minister expressed delight at the huge gathering of people who came out, and as the crowd mingled the ministers as well as the event organizer Nicoleen Johnson gave some speeches which all mentioned the great potential of the co-operation between Jamaica and China in the future.

For his first stop in China, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Most Honorable Andrew Holness visited the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Sunday the 3rd of October, 2019 for a meet and greet with the Jamaican diaspora who had gathered at the hotel, arriving from in and around Shanghai. Folks traveled by plane and train and booked hotels for a short stay in Shanghai, so they could meet the prime minister and 3 of his cabinet ministers.

Near the end of the night the crowd was delighted to hear that the prime minister was scheduled to have state dinners with both the Premier Li Keqiang and the President of China, Xi Jinping.

Playing Mas in Beijing

Thanks to Elimu Carnival Group and Ansel Wong from London for organizing a trip to Beijing to perform in the 21st International Beijing Tourism Festival 第二十一北京国际旅游节,held during China’s National Day holiday, celebrating 70 years of success for the country.

Island Links

Kick-Off Summer Link-Up

The Caribbean Association in China held a Kick-off Link-up picnic on May 4, 2019. At least 50 friends from all around the Caribbean brought their friends and came out to celebrate with us, and discuss the past as well as the future of the organization. It was a day of getting to know new people with fun games, and general discussion, and it gave some Islanders a chance to taste great home cooked Caribbean food again, at long last!

Hope to see you at our next event!